Product Description

Optimum protection after circumcision - 
- Pants for children and adults. 
- Protects the wound after circumcision 
z.B.wegen foreskin / phimosis 
- Promotes the healing process 
- No more sticking to textiles or tearing of the wound. 
- Relieves the pain. No more fear of external influences on the wound. 
- Inhibits inflammation risk 
- Natural circulation of air through perforated basket protector 
- The pants can be ordered through any pharmacy or medical supply store. 
- Also ask your pediatrician or urologist for a recipe for 
Circumcision underpants. Some health insurance companies cover the costs of this now, but need a prescription of the doctor.
Before using the underpants we recommend them to wash by washing by hand or in the gentle cycle in the washing machine.