Read a few Testimonials about our Aydon circumcision Panties :
Dr. T. Lingenhöle from Austria wrote to us on 12/27/2013
Dear Mr. Yanaz !
We spoke on the phone about 4 weeks ago. My wife drove to pick up on Saturday to your Geislingen the Phimosehosen . It was during our 6 year old son of the 2nd postoperative day, the dressing change was for him and for us an ordeal Despite specialty dressing and sitz bath in the bathtub , the association dissolved because of severe adhesions not from the glans . We had the dressing several times deduct a day, which was very painful for him and was also associated with great anxiety . That changed abruptly with your Phimosehose . There was no bonding, the toilet was no problem , the situation eased for us very much. Meanwhile, all is well healed.
I'm a doctor himself . I had never heard of such a pair of pants that she had discovered by chance on the Internet - from the desperation for a dressing change . This Saturday I called to the 10 Medical Stores in Austria , Germany and Switzerland . No one knew of such a pair of trousers . The urologists at the hospitals do not know about these pants . I think it's a brilliant , simple idea that can save a lot of injury to the children - but at least in my region still completely unknown . I think the demand for these pants is definitely . However, doctors would have to make the best parents before the operation pay attention to this possibility.
I would like to thank you that we were able to buy the pants at such short notice . I wish you all the best with your product , and hope that in the future more parents will buy the Phimosehose already before surgery . As for me , I will definitely recommend your product.
Silke S. wrote to us on 20-04-2012
Hello, I wanted to leave in Nachhinnein still a great praise for their circumcision pants. You are welcome to also publish this on its website.
The healing process with our 6 year old son is really sensational and quickly run through their pants. I know whereof I speak , because our other son had 4 years ago, the same OP and the healing process was disastrous . At that time I knew nothing of the underpants and my child has attracted nothing 4 weeks. Even a long t-shirt bonded immediately with the wound and tore the newly formed skin again and again. That's now been spared us . 10 days after the OP is Adrian marched again in the nursery. Immediately after the surgery , we were able to put a pair of pants without problems. And after 4 days he was here in the home around again as normal.
Whomever this operation is still in the house. Circumcision pants are highly recommended. I 'm good got there with 2 pairs of trousers . The material dries quickly and well . Who does not warm the boiler room as we should buy any 3 pants.
I have the pants also shown the doctors and nurses . They found that also a great idea. I think she 's recommendations will also pass . Thanks again and I wish them a good time.
Mrs. Y. Delmenhorst wrote to us on 15.04.2012
Hello, underpants is suuuuuper . I find that each of the circumcision has before him , must have the Aydon underpants. She has helped my 5 year old child to reduce his fears and to move freely . He could play again , sleep peacefully and relaxed sein.Vielen thanks again .
Fam Z. from Waldleiningen wrote to us on 24/09/2011
Ladies and armies ,
we have underpants for our 4 year old son needed. I must say , we are so glad that we had them . He was on the day after the procedure again play almost as usual , the sleep on your stomach , what does he do often was not a problem , thanks to the underpants. It was also good that we had 2 pieces in gr S, because the cream but behind read their tracks , so I could change and dried , they are also fast. Although the size was the smallest , yet they slipped a bit because he's delicate. Nevertheless, it was fine for him and under the pants one has not seen it . So many many thanks , they have facilitated us all a lot . Lg Fam Z. ..
Claudia C. from Bonaduz ( Switzerland ) wrote to us on 14/06/2011
Dear Mr. Yanaz ,
Have the delivery received on Saturday . Has finally worked tiptop . My son is happy and the wound will heal much better with these pants . Thanks for the great service . Promote your pants on in any case. Kind regards from Switzerland Claudia C ...
Mrs. P. from Harpstedt wrote to us on 06/01/2011
Hello Mr. Hoffmann,
circumcision underpants just arrived with us and I would like to thank at this point once again for the quick settlement . Tom has first eaten the jelly babies ( " That was nice of them " ) and then immediately attracted the pants . Now he can move again relatively normal. Incidentally, it was very good that I took size S , because that is very abundant in my dainty son. Thanks again and best regards , Tina P. .. with Tom .
Mrs. W. from Ellrich wrote to us on 29/12/2010
Ladies and gentlemen, at this point I would like to thank you for the nice phone conversation and extremely fast delivery to you.
Emanuela Z. from Kürten wrote to us on 19/12/2010
Hello, first I wanted to thank you for the very very fast cart Check . The panties were one day after my order to me ! Have the pediatric surgeons also proposed to recommend these pants to his patients , as they have my little son saves a lot of pain !
Monika H. from Erxleben wrote to us on 16/09/2010
Hello Mr. Janaz , again many thanks for the super-fast delivery of the article and the nice and easy processing . Thank you! We will be happy to recommend your products .
Nanning K. from Hamburg wrote to us on 18/08/2010
Subject: Circumcision underpants info in practice
Good day , last Friday I had received circumcision underpants by mail. Now on Tuesday it was ready . I was even glad that I had this special pants and was able to use . So I could ohnle problems about pulling my clothes. Even at night I had no problems with sleepwear or bed cover . I am glad to have ordered this circumcision pants. These pants wears surprisingly well . I wish you continued success!
Mrs. G. from Stuttgart wrote to us on 25/01/2011
Dear Sirs, their circumcision underpants is just great. Our son (3 years) can finally sleep without compresses and ointments and finally go again in the Kindi . Too bad that the surgeon nothing , told us afterwards really relieved of this great pair of pants that one live . Or it was not known that there is such a great invention . We are very happy with it and will recommend it in any case , the other a little boy with these pants freedom and flexibility to cope after such a surgery may be the same from the beginning .