Circumcision / circumcision of the man: circumcision panties for better wound healing

There are many reasons why circumcision is required in the male in childhood or adulthood, phimosis ( tight foreskin ) is one of them . Phimosis occurs in the majority of boys at birth, but dissolves most up to school age . In this case, no medical indication is given . The situation is different in pathological phimosis , in an operation in the form of a circumcision or circumcision is essential to reduce symptoms such as inflammation of the glans penis , pain when urinating , etc. . To assist in wound healing circumcised men , circumcision Aydon has developed special underpants for men. Benefits for circumcised males by circumcision underpants After circumcision or circumcision from the man puts on wound healing , which can be promoted by circumcision underpants. In circumcised men can carry the pants ointments good act , sticking the penis in textiles is avoided and pain relief by preventing external influences etc. Since phimosis may occur at any age and it is the other reasons for circumcision or circumcision can give man Aydon offers circumcision pants in many different sizes. Thus, there are for the one-year child as well as the matching pants for the circumcised man with the underpants size 8 The pant itself is made of pure cotton, the use of skin-friendly and hypoallergenic silicone. With the built- protector cups can take place natural air circulation. Inform yourself about our circumcision pants that have a supportive effect on the male circumcision . Available, our products in our online or pharmacies, doctors and medical stores at your nearby.